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Bristol Durga Puja

18th -21st October 2018 

Gandhi Hall, Bristol Hindu Temple, 163 Church Rd, Bristol BS5 9LA, UK

Celebrating Second year of Durga Puja in Bristol

Welcome To Bristol Durga Puja

After the immense success of Bristol Durga Puja in its first year of inception(2017), we are very pleased to announce that with Maa Durga's blessings and your support we are stepping into the second consecutive year of Bristol Durga Puja, in United Kingdom. This is a non-profitable event.

Durga Puja, which is also known as Navaratri and Dussehra in other parts of India, is one of the main Hindu festivals. The worship is dedicated to Durga Ma (deity) who is the Goddess of divine power against all evils. Durga Puja is the time of reunion, rejuvenation and celebration of tradition, culture and joy where we open heartedly welcome everyone to join us in this celebration across all four days, at the GANDHI HALL of the Bristol Hindu Temple.

For details of puja timings, pushpanjali and bhog please see below.

Message from Lord Mayor of Bristol

"I am delighted to be supporting the Bristol Durga Puja at the Autumn Festival during my year as Bristol’s Lord Mayor.  Durgaa Purja is a wonderful culturally rich event and a significant date in the Bengali Calender.  As First Citizen it is my privilege to welcome all faiths and communities attending today.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the planned and delivery of this event and recognise the value celebrating the Durga Puja provides with bringing people together to celebrate diversity in Bristol."

The Right Hon, The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Cleo lake


Greetings from Councillor


Public Transport & Parking Information

Bus: Nearest bus stop is Edward Street, which is opposite to Bristol Hindu Temple. Click on (East Bound) and (West Bound) for bus time tables.

Train: Nearest train station is Lawrence Hill which is 0.3 miles away (6 minutes walk)

There is on road parking available. Also you can find additional parking information by clicking here.  

Note on Venue: The Durga Puja will be held at the GANDHI HALL which has a side entrance from the main gate of Bristol Hindu Temple

Glimpses of Durga Puja 2018


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ওঁ সর্বমঙ্গলমঙ্গল্যে, শিবে, সর্বার্থসাধিকে। 
শরণ্যে, ত্রামবকে গৌরী, নারায়নি নমোহস্তু তে

Auspiciousness of all things auspicious! O consort of Shiva, fulfiller of all our goals! Our only refuge! O three-eyed Gauri! O Narayani! Our salutations to you.

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